Get in on the Action! Exciting Excerpts from Robin Perini & Melinda Leigh

Attacking the Page is part of Montlake debut authors Robin Perini & Melinda Leigh’s Grand Slam Joint Blog Tour Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of our debut books from Montlake Romance, IN HER SIGHTS and SHE CAN RUN, Robin and I are blogging together and giving away a Kindle to a lucky commenter on one of these four blogs. One entry per blog permitted. Comment on all four blogs to be entered four times. There will be free books, too!  In fact, we’re giving away 2 copies each of IN HER SIGHTS and SHE CAN RUN today.
November 27 –  Romance Bandits
November 28 –  Attacking the Page
November 29 – Get Lost in a Story
December 8 –
Contest ends midnight (EST), December 9th.  The Kindle winner will be announced on the four blogs and on Melinda and Robin’s websites on or around December 10th.Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Contest open to US residents only. Entrants using multiple accounts will be ineligible.

And now for the action!

IN HER SIGHTS by Robin perini

The trigger felt right.

The sight was zeroed in, the balance perfect. The Remington 700/40 fit her body and her mind like an old friend she could trust, and Jasmine “Jazz” Parker didn’t trust easily. But she and this rifle were connected in a way a lover, friend, or family could never be. The Remington would never let her down.

The only hitch—she didn’t have an ideal shot at the kidnapper. Not yet, anyway.

Sweat beaded her brow in the Colorado midmorning sun. Without taking her gaze from her target, she wiped away the perspiration. Every second counted, and she had to stay ready. Negotiations had fallen apart hours ago and the ending seemed inevitable. To save the governor’s daughter, Jazz would excise the five-year-old girl’s captor.

Jazz shifted, relieving the pressure against her knees, the stiffness in her hips, but the rifle remained steady. She centered her sight on the small break in the window.

Having focused through the high-powered Leupold scope for hours, she waited for an opportunity for the scumbag’s blond head to move into range. They all made a mistake sooner or later. His face or the back of his head, she didn’t care, but she needed a clear shot through to the medulla oblongata. The kill had to be clean; the man had to crumple with no time to think and no reflex to pull the trigger.

“Blue Four, have you acquired the target?”

The question came through her earpiece loud and clear, but she spoke quietly into the microphone. “Negative.”

“Blue Two, what is target’s position?”

“Zone Two, pacing. He’s carrying the girl, a gun at her head, a Bowie on the southeast corner table. He’s nervous, unpredictable.”

Jazz could trust Gabe Montgomery’s assessment of the situation. He, unlike his brother, Luke, she could count on. And what was Luke doing in her head anyway? Now was not the time to be thinking about the one guy she should never have let near her.

“Blue Two to Blue Leader.” Gabe’s voice filtered through the communications system. “He’s on the move again. Going toward Zone One. I repeat. He’s headed to Zone One.”

Jazz’s body froze in readiness. He was coming her way. If Blue Leader ordered the guys to rush the house, she had to be on her game. She would protect them. She wouldn’t fail.

The blinds fluttered. Jazz forced her breathing into a comfortable, familiar pattern. “Blue Leader, this is Blue Four. I see movement.”

A blond head peered out, face straight on front, the area between nose and teeth in clear view.

“Target acquired. It’s a good shot.”

“Can you see the girl?”

“He’s got a gun to her head.”

Only a second passed before the expected order came through.

“Take the shot, Blue Four.”

“Ten-Four, Blue Leader.”

Slowly, deliberately, Jazz exhaled and, between heartbeats, squeezed the trigger.


Award-winning author Robin Perini’s love of heart-stopping suspense and poignant romance, coupled with her adoration of high tech weaponry and covert ops, encouraged her secret inner commando to take on the challenge of writing romantic suspense novels.  Her mission’s motto: “when danger and romance collide, no heart is safe.”

As a writer, Robin is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high stakes adventures with a love story sure to melt their hearts. Robin’s strong characters and tightly woven plots have garnered her seven prestigious Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® finals, and Golden Heart Winner in 2011. Stolen Lullaby, will be published by Harlequin Intrigue® in May, 2012 as Finding Her Son. Her other 2011 Golden Heart® Finalist, In Her Sights, will be published by Amazon’s Montlake Romance November 29, 2011.

By day, she works for an advanced technology corporation, and in her spare time, you might find her giving one of her many nationally acclaimed writing workshops or find her training in competitive small-bore rifle silhouette shooting.  She’s a voracious reader and a die-hard fan of the T.V. series, BONES.

Robin loves to interact with readers.  You can catch interact with her via AmazonFacebook, Goodreads, Google+ or Twitter.  For more information on Robin Perini and her books, see her website,

SHE CAN RUN by Melinda Leigh

Beth’s hand trembled. Her knuckles hovered an inch from the recessed oak panel. The office door was closed, which meant Richard didn’t want to be disturbed. She glanced at the box in her hand, delivered by messenger just moments before. It must be important. Would Richard be angry if she interrupted him? Or angrier if she didn’t? Her stomach clenched. He’d be angry no matter what she did.

With a hitched breath, she rapped lightly. The latch hadn’t caught properly and the door swung open. Beth froze, paralyzed by the scene before her.

Confusion shifted into comprehension, and fear turned her insides to ice water.

Could she slip out before he noticed her? She eased backward, but Richard sensed her presence. He turned and stared. Their gazes locked for a few seconds, his feral, hers panicked. The lion and the gazelle.

Then he grabbed the crystal letter opener on his desk and lunged.

Beth ran.

She couldn’t leave the house. Her children were upstairs. She needed a weapon. Her eyes locked on the kitchen doorway ten feet away.

His Italian loafers scraped the wood floor of the hall behind her as he fought for traction. The rubber soles of her sneakers fared better. She almost outran him. Almost.

At the threshold, he caught her in a flying tackle. She flung her hands out. Pain shot through her wrists and palms as she braced her fall before her face slammed into the tile.

After all this time wondering if he’d eventually kill her, there was now no more doubt. If she didn’t get away, she was dead.

Panting, on all fours, he pulled on her legs. She donkey-kicked backwards, catching him on the side of the face. He grunted. His grip loosened, and she belly-crawled forward a few inches before his hand closed around her calf.

She raised her chin and eyed the knife drawer, an impossible ten feet away on the other side of the room. In a frantic visual sweep, her peripheral vision caught the cordless flashlight plugged into the outlet on her left.

She kicked at his fingers. They jerked open. Pulling a knee under her body, she pushed forward and yanked the flashlight from the wall. Richard crawled closer and slashed at her middle. Her skin registered a flash of agony, then went numb.

Without losing momentum, she turned over and swung the flashlight in an arc toward his head. Metal clanged against bone.

His eyes widened in shock before his body went limp.

Shaking, Beth scrambled out from under his torso. Blood seeped through her silk blouse.

Lungs heaving, she rooted through the odds-and-ends drawer and pulled out a roll of duct tape. She rolled him to his side, forced his wrists behind his back, and taped them together. As an extra precaution, she secured his hands to a heavy table leg, then bound his ankles. She slapped a final piece of tape across his mouth. Richard wasn’t going anywhere until the cook arrived in the morning.

Adrenaline and nausea coursed through Beth as she glanced at the clock. She had exactly ten hours to vanish.


More than a decade ago, Melinda Leigh left a career in banking to raise her children and never looked back.  She started writing when her youngest child entered first grade as a way to preserve her sanity. Melinda holds a 2nd degree belt in Kenpo Karate, studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and teaches women’s self-defense. She lives in a messy house in the suburbs with her husband, two teenagers, a couple of dogs and one neurotic cat with an inexplicable fear of ceiling fans.  With such a pleasant life, she has no explanation for the sometimes dark and disturbing nature of her imagination.

Melinda is a member of Liberty States Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, Kiss of Death, and International Thriller Writers.  Readers can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.  Find out more about Melinda at her website,

What do you think of these two excerpts?  Comment for a chance to win free books today and be entered in the Kindle Grand Slam giveaway!

43 responses to “Get in on the Action! Exciting Excerpts from Robin Perini & Melinda Leigh

  1. Wow, ladies, both books sound amazing! The excerpts sucked me right in.

    Good luck with your debuts! I can’t wait to hear about your experience with Montlake.

  2. I enjoyed both of the excerpts. Liked the details alot.

  3. Congrats on the releases, both excerpts sound great! Right up my alley!

  4. Jenn…so glad you’re here, and thanks for taking the time to read the excerpts. They were fun to write. In fact, that scene, while I polished it a bit, and fine-tuned it some is one of those scenes that just … was. Almost as if it wrote itself. Weird how that happens sometimes.

  5. Just a quick note…I want to thank the Attacking the Page gang for hosting the Grand Slam blog today. It’s great to be here. I have to say Melinda’s book is really amazing, so if you guys haven’t picked it up, get to Amazon or B&N and do it immediately. You won’t regret it. It’s got everything…suspense, thrills, and a hero who is completely sigh-worthy. The heroine…let’s just say she’s truly a heroine. I love her guts, and Melinda has created characters who are realistic and sympathetic. You just want to cry for Beth’s pain!

    Obviously I liked the book a lot :-). See you all around today.

  6. These both look great. I’m really excited about my counsin Robin’s book! I’m so glad you ladies found a place that allows us to read your books.

    • Jane, I’m really excited about your cousin Robin’s book, too. In Her Sights is a fantastic read! Great characters, toe-curling romance, and a fast-paced suspense plot. Everything romantic suspense readers want in a book.

      Thanks for joining us today.

    • Howdy, Cousin Jane! :-) Your email made me smile! :-) Thanks for stopping by. Montlake has been a blessing because they were willing to take chances on books that might not fit other places. A great opportunity for authors and readers.

  7. Loved both excerpts! Congratulations on your releases.

  8. It’s too early in the day for such panic and fear on my part!
    I dunno, ladies…but they sure are exciting reads! Best of luck to you both.
    (I’m of the non-confrontational sort of female…best not to get into situations like these ladies have….)

    • Yep…I guess there’s a bit of tension in those scenes :-). My heroine Jazz is a person I would hope I could be when faced with the tough choices, but I will admit, she blows me away. I admire her.

      I’m with you, Irene…glad I’m not in those situations.

      Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out the excerpts.

    • Thanks, Irene. Scenes like these are fun to read, but I’m sure glad I’m not living either of them. Suspense is best in books, don’t you think? Romance, tho, that’s good for every day.

  9. Marian Lanouette

    Wow, both books grabbed me. I can’t wait to download them. Marian

  10. So glad you liked the excerpts, Marian. I really love it when a book pulls me in, grabs me by the throat and won’t let me go…of course, sometimes that doesn’t bode well for getting up for the day job in the morning LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by on our blog tour!!

  11. Yes! Good luck! I wish you every success. Your writing is exciting. =)

  12. Thanks, EllieAnn. Great compliment to a suspense author. I’m glad you stopped by.

  13. Just dropping by to say how excited I am for the both of you!
    See you tomorrow on


  14. Exciting action scenes! Congratulations on your releases

  15. These both sound great! I can’t wait to spend some quality time with my iPad during the holidays with these being at the top of the list.

  16. These two book sound great. I would read them for the action scenes alone!

  17. Congratulations Melinda and Robin on your debuts. Your excerpts were fantastic! Good luck with your books, I hope you have many sales this holiday season!

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  19. I’m posting the winner here as well, just in case any of you are following the comments.

    Jenn Nixon & Linde – SHE CAN RUN
    Gwen Hernandez & EllieAnn – IN HER SIGHTS

    If you haven’t already done so, please email your address to so we can send your books.

  20. Hello Robin,….I’m so excited fro you and Melinda both!! What a dream come true. I absolutely LOVE your writing and can’t wait for the next books!!! Your friend, Cecelia

  21. Pingback: Announcing the Kindle Winner | Attacking the Page

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