A Kick-Butt Heroine & ARC Giveway

My next book, MIDNIGHT EXPOSURE, releases tomorrow!  What’s so special about this book?  I’m glad you asked. One reason I love this story is because of my heroine, Jayne Sullivan. She totally kicks butt, and she does it in realistic way.

Photographer Jayne Sullivan was once a victim of a brutal assault. One of the things that helped Jayne recover was learning to defend herself. She enrolled in a karate school, worked hard, and earned a black belt.  This doesn’t mean she’s turned into Laura Croft or Jackie Chan, able to spin kick kick her way through a gang of felons. On TV and in movies, fighting always looks so smooth and well-timed. That’s because it’s choreographed. In reality, it’s much harder for the average person to engage in a physical fight. Fights are messy and confusing. There are no rules. Bad guys are more willing to hit hard enough to cause damage. Real people bleed, and getting hit, just once, hurts a lot more than a non-fighter expects. The typical assailant has much more experience than the average Joe, or in this case, the average Jayne.

But Jayne is willing and she’s learned a thing or two. When the vicious villain of MIDNIGHT EXPOSURE targets her, he isn’t expecting his latest victim to fight back with everything she has. She’s not a cop or a super spy, but surprise. Surprise. Jayne is no easy target.

I love female characters who fight back. Who is your favorite kick butt heroine and why?

I’m giving away 2 advanced reader copies (ARCs) of MIDNIGHT EXPOSURE. Comment between now and midnight Wednesday (8/22/12) to be entered. Winners will be announced on Thursday’s blog.

4 responses to “A Kick-Butt Heroine & ARC Giveway

  1. sounds like an interesting read….

    My favorite kick-butt heroine is GIN BLANCO-The Spider…from Jennifer Estep’s series-Elemental Assassin

  2. Loved the two books I have read, can’t wait for this release.

  3. And the winners are rl(@rhondareads) and Chris. Please email me at melindaleighauthor @ yahoo.com (minus the spaces) with your snail mail addresses.

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