A Most Wonderful Time of Year

The kids are settled back in school. The weather is starting to change. Suddenly, something great happens. Fall season premieres start airing. All those burning questions that our favorite shows left hanging are finally answered even as a new crop of them pop up.  This past week I got the answers to what’s going on with Castle and Beckett on Castle and I found out if Ducky died on NCIS, two of my favorite shows.  Tons of other great shows premiered this past week. I, for one, am very excited about all of these season premieres. Although television is vastly different these days with original series airing all year round.  In fact, tonight is actually season finale night for Warehouse 13.

Next, I’m waiting for the mid year premieres. In particular, I’m waiting for Lost Girl to air in January.  Love that show it’s a lot of fun and really sexy.

What season premieres were you looking forward to? Are you still waiting for any to air? Have you tried any of the new series? I’ve watched both Go On and The New Normal. I’ve enjoyed both.


One response to “A Most Wonderful Time of Year

  1. I was waiting for Once Upon A Time and was very pleased with how they began the season! Oh and Dancing With The Stars is always fun…Happy Fall!

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